Finals Day 2017

The Club's Finals Day were held over the Montrose Medal course on Sunday 20th August 2017.

Congratulations to all who made it to their respective final.

The following trophies were contested for on the day:-

The Coronation Tankard (Club Championship) - Jamie Beedie v Gavin Hemsley

The Miami Trophy - Andrew Maiden v James Collier

The Simpson Trophy - John K Lloyd v Iain Buist

The Ladies Club Championship - Lesley Pert v Jane Grubb

The final for the Lindsay Trophy - Alex Mowatt v Jim V Stewart, was contested on Tuesday 22nd August.

Congratulations to Jamie Beedie, who defeated Gavin Hemsley at the 3rd extra hole, after their 36 hole final.

Congratulations to Andrew Maiden, who defeated James Collier 3&2, after 18 holes.

Congratulations to Iain Buist, who defeated John K Lloyd 1 Up, after 18 holes.

Congratulations to Lesley Pert, who defeated Jane Grubb 1 Up, after 18 holes.

Congratulations to Jim V Stewart, who defeated Alex Mowatt 1 Up, after 18 holes.

Commiserations to all the runners-up, who all put up a valiant effort.

J V Stewart, A Mowatt & J K Lloyd (Referee)
J K Lloyd, S Melrose (Referee) & I Buist
Iain Buist Winner of Simpson Trophy
I Buist, J Beedie & A Maiden
G Hemsley, A Boyd (Referee) & J Beedie
A Maiden, A Stewart (Referee) & J Collier
Lady Club Champion