Montrose Mercantile Golf Club - Committee Meeting


Tuesday 25 April 2017 – 7pm



Attendees: Captain John Lloyd, Robert Lewis, David Morris, Alan Robb, Alan Shepherd and Kenny Hart.



Apologies were submitted by Rab Hampton
Minute of Previous Meeting
(13 March 2017)
Minutes were approved by Alan Robb and seconded by David Morris.
Matters Arising
Per Action List
Sub-Committee Updates
4.1. Audit/Finance
Alan Robb provided a brief outline of current sales and budget matters as outlined per Appendix ‘A’. Greater analysis to be provided at future meetings
4.2. Property
Rob Lewis advised committee
·           InnServe to move cellar in June
1.    Moving barrels through the rear door by staff to be investigated (Action 28 – A Robb)
2.    Preparatory work by joiner required (Action 29 – J Lloyd)
3.    New chiller to be purchased (Action 30 – R Lewis)
4.3 Health and Safety
Kenny Hart provided a briefing as to the work of the sub-committee as per Appendix ‘B’.
4.4 Match Secretary
David Morris gave a brief update as to the work of the Sub-committee. Main issues were
·      Consideration that competition money won by members could be placed on cards. Approved. (Action 31 – D Morris)
·      Meeting to be arranged with junior members (Action 32 – D. Morris)
·      Website to be updated with future competition results
4.5 House/Social
John Lloyd gave a brief update of social events at the forthcoming MoFest. Bands confirmed for Saturday 27th May are  - George Crawl (1 til 3pm); Huge Mouse (4 til 6pm); Convulsions (7 til 9pm), and Journey North (10pm til 1am)
4.6 Marketing
Alan Shepherd gave a brief outline of the sub-committee meeting. Main items
·         Open Day deferred
·         Website up and running. Newsletter to be developed. (Action 33 – A Shephard)
Change Management
Margaret Taylor tended her resignation. Interviews for the role to be carried out on 26 April 2017 (Action 34
K Hart/A Robb)
Members – nothing of note
Membership Matter/New Members Rota
Golf Gents – Herbert Robertson, John Dempsey, John McDonald
Golf Lady – Karen Clunie
New member rota (Alan Shepherd) – 8 pm Wednesday 3 May 2017 (Action 35 – A Shepherd)
Policy Update/Review
8.1 Information Security Policy – Ongoing (Action 24 – K Hart)
8.2 Child Protection Policy – Ongoing (Action 25 – K Hart)
8.3 Data Protection – Ongoing (Action 26 – K Hart)
Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of MGLL held on 21 March 2017 was previously circulated to members. Nothing of significance noted.
Forthcoming Events
10.1 Mofest arrangements discussed. John Lloyd confident sufficient volunteers identified.
Date of next meeting 23 May 2017