Montrose Mercantile Golf Club – Committee Meeting

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Monday 6 November 2017 – 7pm

Attendees: Captain John Lloyd, Robert Lewis, Alan Robb, Jim Ray and Kenny Hart.

Item/Topic Discussion
1 Apologies Apologies were received from Rab Hampton and Allan Sheppard.
2 Minute of Previous Meeting

(6 November 2017) Minutes were approved by Robb Lewis and seconded by Alan Sheppard.

3 Matters Arising Matters arising per Action List

4 Sub-Committee Updates 4.1. Audit/Finance

Brief overview of budget matters given by A Robb. Recent sales in September and October are up in comparison to last year. This was noted by the group.

4.2. Property

Rob provided an update as to the work of the sub-committee. Main issue being –

• Boiler (following leak) to be serviced and repaired by G Milne (Action 61 – R Lewis)
• Pool table to be serviced (Action 62 – R Lewis)
• New locks to be fitted in gent’s locker room (Action 63 – R Lewis)

4.3 Health and Safety

Kenny Hart provided a briefing as to the work of the sub-committee and recent audit by Xact. Work to continue following recommendations made.

4.4 Match Secretary

Jim Ray provided a briefing as to the ongoing work of the sub-committee. Actions include :–

• Ongoing work for Senior competitions – few responses to date
• Action to be taken regarding ensuring members details on club systems are correct – work ongoing
• Presentation night discussed. Email to members to be circulated to gauge future needs (Action 64 – J Ray)

4.5 House/Social

John Lloyd gave a brief update as to the work of the sub-group. The main points were :-

• Mandate have cancelled. Nifty Shades of Grey booked as a replacement – 9 December 2017
• Band for Hogmanay to be booked
• Christmas programme to be emailed to members and advertised in club (Club 65 – A Sheppard)

4.6 Marketing

Nothing discussed.

5 Correspondence 5.1 Letter dated 10 October 2017 from the Angus County Golf Association inviting Captain and Vice-Captain to their presentation event at Monifieth Golf Club on 1 December 2017. R Lewis to attend.

5.2 Email dated 4 November 2017 from Mr Andy Boyd offering his service as a representative of the Club on MGLL following his retirement as their Chair. Issue to be discussed at the AGM.

5.3 Letter dated 4 November 2017 from Mr David Keith notifying his intention to retire from the Health and Safety Sub Group w.e.f. season commencing April 2018. This was noted with regret by the Committee. That said, the Committee extended their sincere thanks to Mr Keith for his continued service and hard work over the years.

Response to be sent by Kenny Hart.

6 Membership Matter/New Members Rota No new members for briefing.

7 Policy Update/Review Nothing relevant discussed

8. MGLL Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of MGLL was previously circulated to members. Nothing of significance noted.

9. Forthcoming Events Nothing discussed.
10. AOCB 10.1 J Ray raised the idea of a Club Outing and sought member’s views. Many felt this would possibly be popular. Jim to send an email to members seeking their views.

Date of next meeting 18 December 2017